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Designing a Business Coaching Programme

The increasing popularity of business coaching has been brought about by the success which employees, managers, and senior executives continue to enjoy. For many, the halt of progress was not to blame on a lack of knowledge which therefore could not be solved by attending a training course or seminar, but rather due to other factors such as anxiety, lack of experience, character traits or the working practices, business culture and overall ethos of the organisation in general. These non-personal factors can have just as much of an influence as the skills, ability, knowledge and experience of the person themselves.

Whilst most individual employees will not be able to have much of an influence on the working practices of the company, attending a training course will greatly improve their abilities in particular areas whilst business coaching programmes will provide them with the opportunity to discuss through their issues and problems which are preventing them from fulfilling their maximum potential and effectiveness in the workplace.

An experienced business coach who has seen and dealt with similar situations themselves in the past, and has successfully coached other individuals to overcome comparable issues, can provide tremendous assistance by working with the person to identify the problems and devise strategies and plans for how the individual concerned can work towards tackling these challenges. Business coaching works extremely well in increasing performance for achieving the company's objectives.

This personalised approached to development, as opposed to a one-size-fits-all scenario which an open/scheduled classroom-based training course is likely to take as attendees will be from different companies and industries, often results in the rapid improvement in the development and effectiveness of the employee or manager.

The Design of a Business Coaching Programme of Sessions

The personal nature of business coaching means that any programme of sessions need to be designed around the personal needs of the individual themselves. This means that after fully exploring and indentifying the issues affecting the person, a fully-tailored plan of action needs to be devised, and the necessary follow-up meetings subsequently scheduled to measure success of any changes made and to allow for further refinement of the plan if necessary.

The timescales involved in a programme of business coaching will be extremely difficult to predict, and it is sometimes advisable not to set a definitive end date as this can put additional pressure on the person receiving the coaching and increase anxiety and stress levels.

Business Coaching and Training Courses

Business coaching and traditional training courses are both useful and have drawbacks when undertaken on a singular basis, but when business coaching is combined with attendance on training courses then rapid development and breaking down of metaphorical barriers can occur. Training courses such as health and safety training courses or courses in other areas such as management training which actually teach delegates information, when combined with personal business coaching sessions can form a powerful combination in the charge of developing the effectiveness of a manager or worker. So rather than being viewed in isolation as a choice which needs to be made, utilising both coaching and training is often the most effective option for employee and manager development.

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