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Benefits of an Experienced Business Coach

When it comes to being a successful business coach, one of the most important ingredients is that of experience. As is the case with most aspects of careers or even personal lives, no amount of theory or classroom training courses will provide the same level of benefit as actual real-world experience.

A business coach who has "been there and seen it all before" will be able to impart the knowledge acquired during this previous time. They may have provided the same guidance to others who have faced similar situations, or perhaps even experienced these problems during their previous career before they became a business coach. If they have then they can share what worked for them and how they worked through the situation, outlining what worked for them and what didn't work quite so well.

Business Coaching and Training Together Form a Powerful Combination

This is not to say that business coaching training is not beneficial. In fact, new and current business coaches are unlikely to become proficient in the role without any sort of training to either provide them with or refresh their skills in various methods and techniques for being an effective business coach and mentor to others in an organisation.

Experience without training is fine, and training without experience will often also produce an acceptable coach, but a skilled and effective business coach will be one who has a combination of previous experience and has undergone extensive training.

What Training and Skills are Needed to be an Effective Business Coach?

This training will often be in a number of areas. The first and most obvious place to start is an accredited business coaching qualification like the ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring, or even the Level 5 Diploma. These will provide those who successfully obtain it with the capability to positively impact the performance of individuals and teams within a business environment. Along with these dedicated business coaching qualifications, an excellent coach will also be highly proficient in other skills which will require training to acquire and regular refresher sessions including interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills.

Next Steps for Business Coaching

More information can be found about business coaching and training at the website of the Business Coaching Foundation at which contains a lot of useful information and articles regarding business coaching and mentoring, as well as scheduled courses for those who are interested in becoming a business coach to others with their company. Managers and corporate executives can also commission a series of one-to-one business coaching meetings (see the section on "Executive Coaching" for more on this).

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