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Personal Nature of Business Coaching

In nearly all circumstances business coaching works best and is at its most effective when it is conducted on a one-to-one basis. Unlike training courses which aim to teach course attendees information which they have not already learned or to refresh previous knowledge, a business coaching session intends to determine the nature of, and create action plans for the overcoming of, the problems and issues which are holding the person back from being as effective as they could be in their job role. Every individual worker will likely be experiencing differing issues which need to be discussed and worked though, which is why business coaching meetings need to be run on a personal, one-to-one basis. Also, a lot of the issues may be personal or embarrassing which again facilitates the requirement for a private meeting solely between the coach and the person receiving the coaching.

Relevancy of Training and Coaching

It is widely accepted that bespoke training sessions for employees from the same company provide more effective learning outcomes as all of the content is tailored specifically to the particular risks which they face in their actual place of work. An open course on the other hand where attendees come from all different industries and workplaces will often contain parts which are only slightly relevant to some people, and perhaps not at all relevant to others. As business coaching is even more person-specific in terms of the need to address individual problems and tailor action plans which are unique to the person being coached, group sessions would not really be practical. Add to this the fact mentioned at the end of the opening paragraph in that personal problems often involve issues with managers, colleagues or subordinates, and it could get highly awkward if they were all sat in the room together receiving coaching. If they were all together, to avoid conflict people may not be 100% open and truthful about the actual issues affecting them, which would severely limit the effectiveness and purpose of the business coaching sessions.

Coaching and Training

Although both are concerned with people's development, coaching and mentoring should be considered on a much more personal and individual basis than training courses which can accommodate groups of employees at a time. They should also not be considered in isolation either, as training courses can teach new information which can then be used to overcome the issues identified and planned for during the coaching meetings.

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