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Why Business Coaching Works

If your business is going through a challenging contract, a lean period in sales or just needs a productivity boost, working flat out doing longer hours and using a stick and carrot incentive may be the wrong option, and can even be counter-productive. What your business might actually need is coaching and mentoring by professionals to help employees beat challenges, overcome difficulties and generally be more dynamic in the workplace.

Business coaching can be for all - managers and employees alike. Coaching can be applied for anyone in the business, regardless of performance levels or ranking within the business. Business coaching brings out the best in an individual or team and there's no greater example of this than in sport. Managers and coaches can transform a poorly performing team into title challengers, not by changing the personnel, but by changing the confidence levels, the balance and method by which the team or individual approaches the task in hand.

Even Successful Individuals Need Coaching

Think of the most successful sports star in your country; do you think he or she can honestly say, "I'm at the top of my game, therefore I don't need to be coached." The world's top sportsmen and women are probably coached a lot more than any of the also-rans trying to achieve success like they are enjoying.

It works for business too. You will all have heard the saying that "it's tough at the top". That's because it is. A business professional has to constantly run to stand still and this requires coaching and mentoring.

Coaching helps to improve self-awareness and confidence, plus you'll have a better relationship with your fellow workers. Communication skills will develop and you will begin to start noticing staff members actually listening to you in meetings, instead of playing with their mobile phones every time you pipe up.

A well-coached individual will find a work-life balance as business mentoring and coaching does not simply address work stuff - if there is an issue at home that is preventing you from doing your work, then this can be addressed too.

Emotional intelligence improves following a course in business coaching. Bosses learn how to follow with constructive criticism and assertiveness; instead of playing the blame game, being flippant with remarks and portraying aggressive behaviour.

It all makes for a better working environment, increased productivity and allowing individuals to take control of their own destiny.

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